Music is everywhere in my eyes.



i think google just found me my new favourite gif

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lotr meme: six relationships [1/6] » Merry and Pippin

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Get to know me meme - [1/5] favourite male characters: Thor Odinson

I would rather be a good man than a great king.

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demon!Dean in the iTunes season 10 sneak peek


We’ve been shown how not to live
By gracious kings of old

for vvinterssoldier (。◕‿◕。)


url graphics → buttterflybandage

Rowboat is the friend bt dubbs.

I get to see one of my Best friends Rowboat this weekend.

I am happy. 

every disney/dreamworks/20th/animation songs: Anastasia

So many lives were destroyed that night. What had always been was now gone forever. And my Anastasia, my beloved grandchild - I never saw her again.

Daniel Radcliffe » ‘What If’ promo tour

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 The past: a new and uncertain world. A world of endless possibilities and infinite outcomes. Countless choices define our fate: each choice, each moment, a moment in the ripple of time. Enough ripple, and you change the tide… for the future is never truly set.

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